What is a Strength Based Conditioning Program?

What is a Strength-Based Conditioning Program?

The only place you can find this specific program is within the 4 walls of F13 Performance. Built and created overtime by the staff at F13, this program was created with overall health and wellness in mind. The Strength first approach will help you build the necessary strength to excel at everyday life. Bending, pushing, pulling, sitting, standing, walking, lifting, and moving all require strength. Our overly packed daily schedules require a lot of physical strength and capacity to maintain. If we don’t take care of our bodies, we will not be able to complete all the tasks that are required throughout our busy day.

Once we make it through our strength portion of the day, we move onto our Skill Development and Stability work. Time needs to be dedicated to refining the skills that we use during our training. It’s unfair and unprofessional for coaches to expect you to refine your skills in an intense setting. Separating the Skills portion helps us work on the little details of bodyweight and weightlifting movements. The Stability work is necessary for overall health and wellness along with long term injury prevention. Most everyday aches and pains can be avoided by building stability in your core and joints.

The Sweat! This is what everyone thinks of when they say the word workout or fitness. This is the metabolic conditioning portion of our programming. The Sweat portion of your hour can range from a high intensity 5 min workout to a paced 40 min workout. The great thing about our

The sweat portion of the day is you’ll never get bored. It’s always changing and with the exception of a few tests we use to determine the progress, you won’t see repeat workouts. The Sweat programming is varied to hit all energy systems and help you build complete fitness.