What is Barbell Club?

Barbell Club is NOT a CrossFit class! This is an Olympic Weightlifting specific class.

Head coach Mike Matyascik coaches this class (L-2 USAW Certified) and goes over Olympic weightlifting technique and form. Individualized programming available for both Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting. Along with Coach Mike, we have 5 more USAW Certified Coaches on staff.

This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to lift weights correctly, safely, and efficiently, and for anyone who wants to compete in USAW Olympic lifting. Age, ability, and size do not matter in this sport, we can work with anyone and welcome everyone! We currently have a teen and senior beginners along with national and international level athletes.

Weightlifting is NOT dangerous, it does NOT make women bulky or manly-looking, this is NOT a group of “meat-heads” here, and lifting heavy is NOT a requirement!

We have well-trained, highly experienced athletes and coaches, who take the time to teach everyone proper lifting technique and form.  We also promote sportsmanship and proper gym etiquette.  We want everyone to be safe, successful, injury-free, and to find their true potential here!

Feel free to come watch a class, or come drop-in and try out a complimentary class!

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