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Molly’s Tips Part 3!


Learning to pick apart a menu to build a meal that suits your nutrition guidelines will make

eating meals at restaurants or social occasions a breeze. We as humans are not always going to

be in control of every meal we eat, but being prepared is the best way to make this occurrence as

stress free as possible.

Decoding the menu

The words used to describe the items on the menu are a pretty great indicator for how it will be

prepared or how calorie dense it may be. Keep an eye out for key words that note the cooking

methods, such as battered, as well as the types of sauces they use. There is no way to know 100%

what’s in food ordered at a restaurant, but becoming familiar with menu “buzz words” helps

steer you towards healthier choices. Of course, when in doubt, please ask me!

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Sleep Pt. 2

Sleep Part 2 Dos and Don’ts

Do’s -Go to bed at relatively the same time every night -Shut off your electronic devices ALL OF THEM- or if you are addicted, filter out the blue light with glasses. No the “Night Shift” option isn’t the same thing. Check out part one if you want to wear sexy jazz glasses like I do before sleep time. -Practice deep breathing and or meditation. It is a great way to relax, shut down your brain, and calm and center yourself before bed. Coach Matt pro tip: Pretend you are one of the Original Ghostbusters and Gozer the Gozerian has just told you to choose the form of your destruction. You must clear your mind to prevent your own destruction by a giant Stay Puft marshmallow man (Right Ray?). If you don’t get that reference I can’t help you. No one can. -Sleep SUPPLEMENTS are different than SLEEPING PILLS. Sleeping pills essentially make … Continue reading



You often hear us (the coaches) talking about rest and recovery. Right? Or maybe you are too busy talking about that awesome Paleo recipe that you heard about with your buddies (I know that’s what you are talking about when you are ignoring me as a coach). Maybe the fact that you are having trouble focusing is because you didn’t get a great night’s sleep last night!

Do you often find yourself waking up tired? Trouble falling asleep? Can’t shut that brain off at the end of the night? Sure you do. Everyone does. Including me. Skip to the bottom if you just want to know what to take to fall asleep and can’t be bothered to read when I spent over an hour writing.

Sleep is when all of that good stuff that you did during the day gets cemented. Did you learn something new? Sleep is when your brain codes that short-term memory into long-term memory. Did … Continue reading

Time With Our Grocery Cart

TIME WITH OUR GROCERY CART There is a lot of wisdom in the notorious quote “Don’t go grocery shopping hungry.” The way we approach food shopping really does impact our habits and is reflective of our lifestyle. Going to the grocery store hungry usually leads to spending far too much time walking down aisles, often leaving you to notice when you got home that you’ve bought a bunch of things you didn’t even want or something you don’t even normally eat. To ensure you are setting yourself up for success, here are some tips to help guide you on your next trip to the grocery store! 1. Don’t shop on an empty stomach Being hungry while shopping not only makes it less enjoyable, but there is no doubt that you’ll feel rushed, impulsive, and more likely to stock up on calorie dense food. Going in with a full stomach will allow for a clear head, making it much less likely … Continue reading

Molly’s Healthy Hints

GETTING STARTED With the new weight loss challenge we have started at SYR, I invite you to look deeper into how you may be helping or hindering your ability to stick to your goals. In order to assess where change can be made, taking an honest look at our surroundings can definitely help ☺ MAKE BALANCED, HEALTHY CHOICES CONVENIENT Here are a few of my favorite & simple strategies to help get you started: • Put snack food away in less accessible cupboards – out of sight out of mind. • Remove ‘easy snacking’ items like candy dishes and bowls of mixed nuts. • Don’t keep trigger foods in the house, take away the temptation! • Clear up your counters to make cooking easier and more enjoyable. • Always have a few meals and some protein options pre-made and ready to go, to keep you away from take out or TV dinners. • If you would want to start meal … Continue reading

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